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Official Candidates for May 2013 election

National   Congressional & Local Partylist

The Philippines' Second automated elections

On May 13, 2013, the COMELEC is set to conduct the country’s second nationwide fully automated elections – from counting of votes to transmission and canvassing of election results.

Know Your Candidates!

Know-Your-Candidates.com introduces the national candidates and local candidates from all the provinces, towns and cities for the May 2013 Elections.

Know Your Precinct!

In previous elections, voters trooped to 250,000 precincts throughout the country. For the May 2010 elections, these have been grouped into 80,000 clusters of not more than 1,000 voters per cluster. Your old precincts may have been renumbered! If you applied for registration before December 2009, you can check your precinct at the Comelec Precinct Finder.

Know Your Candidates

National Candidates