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Why Advertise?

Michael Alan Hamlin, in his article “Philippine Internet by the number” published in the Manila Bulletin on March 30, estimates that there are between 24 to 35 million internet users in the Philippines, and 43% of them regularly visit news and information sites.

In this age of the Internet and social networking, the World Wide Web is an important venue for electoral candidates to interact with their constituents. The Web allows voters to easily familiarize themselves with the candidates and their respective credentials, qualifications and accomplishments.

More importantly, the Web can help candidates disseminate campaign platforms, and inform their constituency about previous accomplishments, affiliations and advocacies.

With this in mind, VYP-MSC IT and Business Solutions set up http://www.Know-Your-Candidates.com, a public service website that advocates voter education, and allows Philippine 2010 election candidates to harness the power of the Internet in their campaigns.

The advantages of using the Internet as part of your campaign include:

  • Cost effectiveness.  It costs much less to put up information on the Internet than to print flyers, or purchase printed advertisement space. On http://www.Know-Your-Candidates.com you can publish your information for free. Or you can choose any of our low priced options and advertising spaces.
  • Accessibility. Voters can easily find your profile at any time, from anywhere in the world. Twenty percent of your constituents have a breadwinner in the family working abroad who cannot be reached by your printed campaign materials. These OFW relatives may be the deciding factor in a family's choice in this election.
  • Greater reachhttp://www.Know-Your-Candidates.com is available to millions of Internet users. There are an estimated 24 to 35 million Internet users in the Philippines alone—close to half of the voting population.
  • Ease of usehttp://www.Know-Your-Candidates.com acts as a centralized location for voters to browse through candidates based in your locality.  Users can also narrow their search to a specific candidate in seconds.
  • Quick update.  Any change in your information can be implemented in few minutes as compared to waiting for the next printing of campaign materials.

The website http://www.Know-Your-Candidates.com is so organized to cater to different voting constituencies. It also has sections for voting procedure information, voter opinions and national candidates, and local sections for specific provinces, cities and towns.

We invite you to have your own page on http://www.Know-Your-Candidates.com which will be linked to high-traffic pages in our network of websites.  Our 20+ websites have a combined traffic of at least 300,000 visitors a month. Simply provide us information to put in your own page.

We also offer additional useful features, should you want to take your online presence and campaign further. Please refer to the attached table for the different options and cost.  Do not hesitate to get in touch with us at (049)5628716 or 09175004763 should you have any questions, or to inform us of your preferred candidate page option.

We wish you the best of luck in your candidacy and we look forward to featuring your profile on http://www.Know-Your-Candidates.com.

Who is your audience?

Your audience is the exponentially increasing Internet population in the Philippines, estimated at 24,000,000 last June 2009. This is close to one fourth the total population. Know-your-candidates.com is well indexed by popular search engines. In addition to search engine traffic, we have arranged to include links to candidate information from high-traffic pages in our network of website partners.  Our various website partners have a combined traffic of at least 300,000 visitors a month, who will benefit from candidate information.

Publishing Your Profile

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